Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2018

Collect the fruits of tomorrow

Live everyday in a way, that you can collect the fruits of your work the next time when you wake up.

Do you remember the time where you learned something? For me it was learning French. In school I never really liked it, but it I was sure, that one day I will manage to speak and read without any problems. This day came faster than I thought. I didn’t even realize it.  However, I began using it more and more frequently. It was after many years, that I took finally the time to look back at what I had achieved. On this day, I learned a very important lesson: One day you will forget all the work and all the time you put in. You won’t necessarily perceive your achievement, but it will surely make your life better. It is important, that you don’t only work a single day. It is necessary that you put in many hours, as much as possible. The progress achieved is impossible to conceive.

Most people don’t like to work. They seek entertainment.  This doesn’t must be bad. Even God rested after a long week of labor and it is one of the 10 commandments. It is more important what you do with the time, where you are not resting.

The boredom of work will be forgotten tomorrow. Concentrate on the fruits, how you will when you wake up, knowing what you have achieved the day before. I don’t want you to brag. Simply thank God for the power that he gave you to achieve such awesome things.

Remember this. In these dark nights, when you want to go to bed, God is besides you. He wants you to prove your power. He looks over your shoulder but holds the present right in his hands. He will come eventually back, if will be in a similar situation. But there is no warranty. Everyone of this nights he will stand besides you.  Spare God the time and trouble and earn his present. This way you will become, a truly godly man.

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