Mittwoch, 26. September 2018

The importance of journaling

Journaling at first glance doesn’t seem like your typical Christian duty or exercise. However, it is a very important tool for every aspiring Christian man.
 Even for non-Christians, writing a journal can be beneficial. When facing difficult challenges, a journal can function as a spiritual windshield wiper. Imagine that you are driving a car and someone throws mud onto your windscreen. Even if you are still on the right road, you still must pay attention to not lose control of your car. Your car offers a way to deal with mud on your windshield window: wipers. A similar function has a journal.
Every day you face different challenges that try to impede you of reaching your goal of holiness. Searching ways to deal with these challenges is on one hand your job, on the other also the job of God. He gives you the tools, but you must use them. God speaks to us through prayer and through scripture.  However, God’s word needs time and thought to grow in us. They grow when we actively think about a solution. And here journaling joins the game.
Writing your problems down helps you seeing your own struggles through a subjective lens. It creates a distance which you can exploit to look to your problem from another point of view. I myself like to write things down to create a certain formality, that would miss if I would simply think or say it. Start journaling 5 minutes every day. Reflect on your struggles and on how to overcome them. Think about your role in God ‘s creation. What messages did God communicate to you along the day? Write it down and think about it.

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