Freitag, 5. Oktober 2018

Why every christian man should read

Books inspire us and offer valuable insight. Often books can change your whole perception of a subject you previously never really thought about. Every book that can help you become a better person, is worth reading. The author of these works don't have to be necessarly christians, because God shines through every form of writing.

I remember reading "Hiob" by Joseph ROth. Since the beginning I was fascinated by the language. It was crisp clear and seemed to speak directly to my soul. I realized that I faced similar struggles as the protagonist Mendel Singer. After he emigrated, nearly his entire family died and he found himself alone in a strange country Before he was a man of deep faith, but after his tragic losses he began to revolt against God. I understood his anger that I found often myself in. But I also saw the childishness in his and (my) reactions. When I finished reading the book, I found new ways to deal with my big losses and to remain loyal to my faith.
Another that expanded my horizon was "The Poem of the God Man" by Maria Valtora. I plan on wirting an entire post so stay tuned and continue reading.

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