Montag, 24. September 2018

The importance of prayer

Praying is like breathing, but for the soul. It restores on one hand our spiritual lives, on the other hand it reshapes us in the way God wants us to be. It enlarges our vision and fields God in our lives. There are different kinds of prayer. There is devotional prayer, but also intercessory prayer. In this post I want to focus only on devotional prayer. Its function is to eliminate all the obstacles that interfere with us following the way of Christ. Devotional prayer works in the depths of our spirit. Devotional prayer is analyzing our heart and helping ourselves, to become the kind of men God ought us to be. For achieving that, we must analyze our relationships with God. It is important, that a man knows what makes him feel a certain way or what makes him sin. Men sin for the obvious reasons like lust, materialism and greed. But as farther a man gets in his mission of becoming the kind of men God ought him to be, the causes for his sinning seem to shift. No longer are primitive feelings responsible for the distance between him and God, but his heart. It is our duty to find the error. Our tool is devotional praying.  Reserve a certain amount of time you feel comfortable with to speak to God. Go through your day and look especially at how you felt at certain occasions and try to find out why you felt that way. Let your memories flow. Ask yourself what you did wrong and try to find a solution. Don’t panic if you don’t find immediately a solution. God will help. Pair the devotional prayer with a gratitude prayer. The latter helps fighting arrogance, especially when you know that you have these tendencies. Devotional prayer is practiced also in other sciences, not only in Religion. Isn’t Sigmund Freud’s famous psychoanalysis basically the same?

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